September 16 – 24, 2023

In-person and online

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address and heal any stressors affecting these relationships. Injustices, exclusions, and privations experienced by our ancestors are often unwittingly transmitted and can affect our life without even realizing it. The Constellation not only shows us what we already know about our family, but it can reveal what hides under ordinary consciousness that can bind us with invisible threads.

A Family Constellation is recommended for those who are:

  • Unmotivated or drained.
  • Disconnected
  • Anxious
  • Resentful
  • Overwhelmed
  • Alone
  • Dissatisfied with their love life
  • Feeling invisible
  • in transition
  • Grieving a loss or separation
  • Feeling responsible for the suffering and problems of others
  • Experiencing conflicts and misunderstandings with parents, partner, and/or children
  • Experiencing professional or employment issues

Where:  2830 Switch Road, Washago. Individual sessions are also available online

Day-Long Group In-Person Workshop: Saturday, September 16, 2023, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: $180.

90-minute Individual Online Sessions: Monday, September 18, 2023 Cost: $130.

90-minute Individual In-Person Sessions: Wednesday, September 20, Friday, September 22 Cost: $130.

Weekend In-Person Group: September 23 & 24, Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. & Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(ish) Cost: $180.

Group Work:

After a brief investigation of the issue brought by the client, the question is formulated to which we will try to bring clarity, understanding, and order. The client invites the representatives to enter the scene as members of their family, starting the Family Constellation.

The representatives connect with the morphogenetic field of the subject and are guided by spontaneous dynamics, bringing to light the emotional experience, and sensations of real people or the situations they represent.

In a short time, the constellation comes to a standstill, a block or a freeze: it is the so-called entanglement, in which we see the “real” situation of the subject’s family system, we witness the emergence of the node or the problematic nucleus of the system.

The vision and awareness of these data could already in itself be enough to deconstruct a series of inner blocks and reach new awareness about oneself and one’s family system.

Through a measured and gradual change of the positions of the representatives in the space, spontaneously or through the intervention of the Facilitator, the system is brought back into the right order, in a renewed harmony within which each subject takes his place and re-establishes correct relations with the others.

Once we have recognized and honored all those who preceded us, giving them back the roles, weights and responsibilities we took on, we witness a real rebirth, and a sense of lightness coupled with a clearer, more defined vision of reality. Interpersonal relationships become simpler and more satisfying as we become able to separate from those who have left.

Individual Work: Sulochani represents all the ancestors (You’ll be amazed at how that works!)


Sulo’s workshop on Family Constellation was amazing. After a brief inquiry into my family history she latched on to a piece of family dynamics that several therapists had missed. She then organized the others in the group to enact healing pieces of ‘drama’ that made the dynamics very obvious to me. I strongly recommend her work and will participate in the next session. Bryan

“The day after the weekend, even though it is suggested we wait for 21 days to feel the full effects of the healing, I started to feel a shift in the way I saw the world. I felt more confident, more joyful, and alive. When I left the train station on my way home, I looked behind me because it felt like I was missing a bag. In fact, I was missing something, I had let go of some painful memories and most of them were not mine to carry. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who isn’t living their full life for whatever reason (pain, trauma, troubled relationships, loss). The group experience is incredible. We learn from each other and Sulo is a wonderful, wise heart-centred healer. It is amazing work. She will lighten your spirit and bring inner peace.”  Anna

While I am still absorbing the wisdom, healing and sheer goodness of my weekend retreat with Sulochani, and expect it to continue for many months to come, I am already feeling profound changes in my body and deep within me. The first noticeable difference was my lightness of being. It seemed to me to be the first time in my life that I was the only person residing inside my body. The weight and grief of generations of suffering were no longer within me. I had not been aware of carrying all of that until it was gone. There is a clarity in my face that people are noticing and commenting on. I see it too. My eyes are fully open, as though I no longer need to shield them from incoming pain. Many more deeply personal shifts are taking place and the best way to describe them is to say that each one makes me feel more fully me. Fully grounded, open and receptive to all the healing, as well as the inherent goodness, to come. The gratitude I feel for this weekend with Sulochani will be with me for a very long time. It has changed my life. Terry

Facilitator Sulochani Cinzia Ugolini

To Book: Contact Deepam at 705-323-4903 or

As Sulo is visiting from Italy, the simplest way to pay is to register your bank account and pay with WISE.

Here are some Netflix shows you can watch to get a sense of how it might work: