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At WriteYourWayIn, I believe everyone has a unique voice and a unique story to tell. My mission is to encourage, support, and protect that voice.

In a safe and creatively vibrant environment, writers at all levels of experience can explore, experiment, and take creative risks.

WriteYourWayIn Workshops and Retreats refresh and revitalize your love of writing.


Writing together on screen has been surprisingly intimate and rewarding, so even though we’re now able to meet in person, these Zoom workshops will continue into the foreseeable future. 

These guided workshops will keep you writing, maintain connections to other writers, and support your writing sanity.

All sessions are offered through user-friendly meeting software.
Download Zoom software here.


Contact me at susan@writeyourwayin.ca


Each workshop offers unique prompts to launch the pen, invitations to read your freshly generated work, and receive supportive feedback–all designed to keep words flowing.

$20.00 CAD each 2-hour workshop *


Throughout these series, participants can work on a project or generate a series of shorter works. Whether you have a spark of an idea, in the midst of a longer piece, or are simply looking for inspiration to get rolling, this is the place for you. We’ll explore aspects of craft through example and experimentation, and especially through developing our listening skills.

The group provides every writer’s much needed support and encouragement to cultivate trust and confidence.

At the completion of the series, writers can submit up to 10 pages for a thorough manuscript review.

See below for dates

6-week series $115.00 CAD *

* Fees are payable by e-transfer to

or through PayPal


Deepam’s workshops are always wonderful. The prompts she chooses are inspiring, and I love the supportive, creative environment she creates. Even though we are all on-line, I still feel like I have been among friends when the workshop is over.


    Monday, July 26 - 1 placeMonday, August 9 - 2 placesSaturday, August 14 - 1 placeMonday, August 16 - 2 placesSaturday, September 11 - 1 placeMonday, September 13 - 4 placesSaturday, September 18 - 1 placeMonday, September 20 - 4 placesMonday, September 27 - 3 placesMonday, October 4 - 6 placesSaturday, October 9 - 4 placesSaturday, October 23 - 4 placesMonday, October 25 - 6 placesSaturday, October 30 - 3 placesMonday, November 1 - 5 placesSaturday, November 6 - 4 placesMonday, November 8 - 5 placesSaturday, November 13 - 5 placesMonday, November 15 - 6 placesSaturday, November 20 - 5 placesMonday, November 22 - 5 placesSaturday, November 27 - 6 placesMonday, November 29 - 5 placesSaturday, December 4 - 3 placesMonday, December 6 - 5 placesSaturday, December 11 - 6 placesMonday, December 13 - 5 placesSaturday, December 18 - 6 placesMonday, December 20 - 5 places

    September 13 - October 25 (no session October 11) - 1 placeNovember 8 - December 13 - 5 places

    Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


    Fees are payable by e-transfer to

    or through PayPal

    * When submitting, please make note of the dates for which you are submitting payment. Thank you!

    I have quickly become addicted to Deepam’s online workshops, which have lost none of the intimacy and immediacy of her in person workshops.  

    Deepam’s prompts dig deep and illicit writing that is unexpected and beyond the range of what I normally write. I’ve even written my first poem in a recent class. Her feedback digs even deeper and she provides so much insight, it’s as if she’d written each piece herself. She gets inside the writing and so our discussions are meaningful, helpful, and rich. 

    If you love to write this is a wonderful way to spend some time. If you’re new to writing, this is a safe and accepting learning environment, where you’ll feel you’re with your tribe. 

    ~ Terry 

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